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Building Design in Bangladesh

An interior design project has a distinct objective. For this reason, we need to consider several aspects while designing a residential building and a commercial one. The commercial building design is different from residential buildings. For a successful Building design, we need to follow below things:


The total requirements of the landowner and tenants are the important factors of a building. In the case of commercial building companies brand image, associated image, the number of employees, working areas of employees, working hours, storage facility, technical environment, public access areas, safety and security issues need to consider in designing the buildings.There should be a flexibility in commercial building design so that it may be modified according to the desire of the management. It also needs to consider future growth of the workforce and additional innovation on technology in the business process.

Cost –effectiveness:

Building structure should have some cost effectiveness also it should allow optimization. The building should design in such a way that enable it for long-term operations and little maintenance works. Value engineering needs to introduce to achieve cost-effectiveness objective. We need to consider the assessment of performance and cost of each building to get an idea what will be beneficial in the long term.


Nowadays, environment plays a vital role in designing commercial buildings. We need to pay attention to the correct use of natural resources and energy efficiency products. There are many ways to achieve it such as correct heating size, air-conditioning system, ventilation systems, proper integration of structure with the site, installing energy efficiency lighting, appliance and equipment and others.

Safety and security:

We always need to prepare for the worst. We need to design our buildings that are safe and secured. We need to concentrate fire safety issues, building safety issues, safety hazard causing from the materials. Our building should be durable enough to face the effect of earthquakes, heavy rainfall, floods, etc. When designing the interior of the building we should take care the safety measure for the resident. However, we should not make building design too complex. Visitors should locate each part of the building easily. Buildings should have all the necessary sign for easy navigation. Building information should be kept in a business brochure.


A perfect working environment is a combination between exterior and interior design of the building. We should remember it while making a building design. For instance, an office with proper natural lighting, necessary space, adequate ventilation, temperature control system creates a perfect building design.

It is a difficult task to make a Building design. For this reason, we need to have some experienced person in this field. We should hire a professional architectural firm to do the building design so that we have a perfect building design with low cost and less mental hazard. We can consider out local Real Estate Company as a handful sources.

Lots of professional training in abroad and in different training institutes is very much essential for our building designers for further developing this sector.

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